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We want all people, especially the elderly, to feel more cared for, and to be able to spend their lives in the community.

Heike Werner, Minister of Social Affairs

What is AGATHE all about?

AGATHE is a free counselling and placement service with which the state of Thuringia would like to support senior citizens in shaping their everyday lives in a self-determined way and finding suitable offers close to their place of residence.


The aim of AGATHE is to enable single seniors aged 63 and over to participate in social life and to promote independence in their own living environment. To this end, we provide information and advice on various topics and pass on (leisure) offers from associations, counselling centres and other actors.


Since we mainly offer referral advice, a network of different professions and institutions is important. That is why good cooperation with other agencies in the district such as district mayors, district centres and other counselling centres, associations, parishes and care facilities is very important to us..

Counselling sessions

Consultations can take place on request at your home, but also by phone or during our office hours. We inform about existing offers in the district and in the immediate locality such as senior citizens’ meetings, offers from church congregations and sports groups.

Contact person

Lena Kropp 


Lena Kropp,
Social advisor for seniors in the district: 

Herrenberg, Melchendorf and Wiesenhügel 

Tel.: 0176/ 48 99 22 43 


Opening hours: 

Mon.   10:00hrs-12:00hrs hrs Stadtteilzentrum Herrenberg, Stielerstr. 3 

Thurs. 10:00hrs – 12:00hrs Family Club, Ernst-Haeckel-Straße 17/18 

I personally see great potential in senior citizens. That is why I am committed to the participation of older people. Loneliness in old age should be prevented. Instead, as part of the “AGATHE” project, I would like to focus on senior citizens who feel they are on the margins of society.

Lena Kropp

Bachelors degree in social work (B.A)

Contact person

Felicitas Kaonga


Felicitas Kaonga,
Social Advisor to seniors in the city of Erfurt : 

Rural district of the city of Erfurt 

 Tel.: 0176/ 48 99 22 42 


Opening hours: by appointments 

Tiefthal, Gispersleben, Hohenwinden and Sulzer Siedlung, Gottstedt Hochstedt, Hochheim, Bischleben-Stedten, Möbisburg-Rhoda and Rohda (Haarberg) 

Agathe – for me, is having time for the people who turn to me with their concerns. I would like to listen and advise senior citizens. It is very important for me to address the topics that concern you and to meet you on an equal place. I would like to be the contact person for you in your district! In order to make this possible, I am looking forward to a good cooperation with the various local agencies of the senior citizen work in Erfurt.

Felicitas Kaonga

State Approved social worker (B.A)

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Facts about the AGATHE-Programm

living alone from 63 year. in Erfurt

living alone in Erfurt South east + rural district

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More and more people live alone in old age and feel lonely. 

They simply don’t have anyone to help them in their everyday lives. The children and grandchildren live far away or are busy with their own lives. Conversations often take place only briefly when shopping or visiting the doctor. 

We want to change that. We want all people, and especially the elderly, to feel more joy again and to be able to spend their lives in the community.  

To achieve this goal, we have launched the AGATHE program. At AGATHE, trained specialists will make you offers that enable contacts and which prevent loneliness in old age. 

Eight regions will be part of AGATHE in 2021. People over the age of 63 who live alone in these areas will receive information about the program. It also states which specialists they can turn to.

Heiker Werner, Minister of Social Affairs

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The AGATHE programme is funded by the Thuringian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family.




The implementation of the project in Erfurt is carried out on behalf of the Erfurt city administration and is coordinated by the Office for Social Affairs.


Further information on the AGATHE project can be found hier.

Further locations in Erfurt MitMenschen e.V. 




Everyone is welcome here, because everyone is an expert in their own lives. We exchange ideas on a wide variety of topics, discuss questions relevant to everyday life and share life experiences.



We love community and make ourselves comfortable in beautiful places. Of course, it equally best to have a meal outdoors



VIP Lunch. what is it?
This is what we call the weekly edition of a warm lunch meal to the celebrities of the Red Mountain. They are well known because they are part of the backdrop of our district like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. They are known (prominent) among the inhabitants, but they are mainly known (prominent) and especially popular with God. Treasures in his eyes.

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