Gemeinsames Leben

life transformed

“ ‘We only go to Erfurt if we live together as a team on site.’ That was one of the basic prerequisites for my wife and me to start in the social housing hotspot Roter Berg. (Both of us had already lived in Christian flat-sharing communities for several years and had had many good experiences with it. Living in community is part of our mission and forms the basis to realize our vision.”

Michael Flügge, chairman of the board

Sharing life at the Jesus-Projekt

Sharing life for us means …

… living directly in the district Roten Berg
… share and communicate
… more being than doing
… God’s gift

Rebecca Roßner, Elias Roßner, Julia Stößel, Elias Rüdiger, Theresa Rümler, Claudia Russ, Judith Kretschmer, Stefan Barwe, Kristina Kuczewski, Franziska Flügge, Andreas Grund, Ulrike Flügge, Anna Schnitzer, David Flügge, Michael Flügge (v.l.n.r.)

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shared community

Michael Flügge

A large part of our employees live in the middle of the “Roter Berg” prefabricated housing area: singles, couples and families – distributed among various apartments and flat-sharing communities. In the flat-sharing communities we share the roof, living room, kitchen and bathroom. In addition, everyone shares time with each other: weekly breakfast and prayer times, community evenings and some leisure activities. Above all, however, it is important for us to master life with its ups and downs together and to give each other a share in what concerns us. We are still learning to find a balance between closeness and distance.

“Accept one another just as Christ has accepted you for God’s praise. This is the mystery of our common life, claim and gift at the same time. It is necessary to face the challenges that we would not have without the community. Jesus is our center, forgiveness is the key.

With this lifestyle we – a colourful bunch of individualists – consciously set accents against the general trend of the ego culture and the isolation often associated with it.

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Our values


We want to contribute to a friendly togetherness through consideration. We orient ourselves on the example of Jesus Christ, who accepted and loved people regardless of age, gender and social status. Important to us are people in need, who can experience a “home” through us.


We see ourselves as a “spiritual organism”. Jesus is the head, we are His members (1 Cor. 12). Thereby we live from shared spiritual times. Prayer, devotion, the Lord’s Supper and worship are valuable opportunities to recharge one’s batteries, serve one another and communicate.


It is important to us to be an open and hospitable community. Within our possibilities we are always ready to provide accommodation and meals for our guests.


The responsible action of the individual also benefits the community. That is why we want to avoid things that harm our spiritual life. We strive to deal responsibly with every aspect of our practical, everyday life.


Reliability is the basis for respect and trust. That is why we place great value on adherence to our agreements and on punctuality.


Experience has shown that disappointments can occur in daily life after a short time and that some ideas break down: Ideas about others, about the community, about Christians in general, about myself. That is why we regularly seek advice and assistance ourselves.


We are always open to new ways of thinking and changes at the Jesus-Project. We are ready to learn from our mistakes and to try something new. Therefore we are grateful for feedback.


We want to empower each member of our community and help them use their personal talents and abilities accordingly. We want everyone to have as much room for creativity as possible in order to develop and grow in the best possible way.


Everyone who lives and works with us is prepared to orient themselves towards the goals and values of our community. This includes that each fellow resident respects the leadership and the other community members.


We live in several apartments distributed in the Roter Berg, as close as possible to each other. Married couples and families have their own apartments. All others live alone or in shared flats of 2-4 persons each. In contrast to a pure-purpose shared flat, we strive for common times within the respective flat-sharing community.


The heart of our get-together is the weekly community evening. This is where exchange, teaching, prayer and informal gatherings take place. In addition, there are other meetings such as prayer, breakfast, lunch, prayer times and church services, in which we participate if possible.


We are happy about everyone who knows how to be called by God to this lifestyle in social housing pojects such as the Roter Berg. Experience shows that finding this out takes some time. That’s why it has proven to be a good idea, after a phase of getting to know each other, to reflect in a joint conversation whether the Jesus-Project is the right place in the long run.

Impressions from our daily life

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