Do your heart beats for charity and you want to be a support for others even after your heart has stopped beating?

With an estate donation you have the opportunity to leave good traces even after death!


Handwrite and sign a declaration on how your inheritance should be handled, so you can regulate your estate yourself



Estate giving is an important contribution to carry out our work for the people of Red Mountain who are seeking help. In this way, we can nurture children, strengthen families, provide new perspectives for people who have stumbled along their life’s journey, offer good fellowship to the lonely, and build God’s kingdom in our district

Overview of inheritance types


Heir Co-heir Legacy
If you appoint the Jesus-Projekt e.V. as your full heir, you assign your complete estate to us. We then take care of all bureaucratic matters and wishes that are listed in the will. In addition to other heirs whom you would like to benefit, you also allocate a share of the total inheritance to the Jesus-Projekt e.V.. If you do not determine yourself who receives which share, your heirs will then jointly take care of the distribution of the estate. In principle, the following applies: No one owns anything alone, everything belongs to everyone together. With a bequest in Favor of the Jesus-Projekt e.V., certain, individual estate items are transferred to us. The rest of the inheritance is divided among the other heirs. In a bequest, you can leave us, for example, a certain amount of money, real estate, personal items, a plot of land or a life insurance policy.

Please note that your will must be handwritten and legible! It is important that the dispositions are written as clearly and in as much detail as possible, so that there can be no misinterpretations and disputes between relatives.

Here you will find a sample of how a will could look


Mustervorlage Testament

BIf you have any questions about estate donations, please contact uns.

Your request will be treated confidentially.


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