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” ‘It is easy to find dirt in the other. Be the one to find the gold.’

Under this motto I myself am part of bärenstark Erfurt. Children should have the chance to discover their own abilities and strengths”.

Anna Schnitzer, former head of bärenstark Erfurt

The vision of bärenstark Erfurt

bärenstark Erfurt is an offer of the open child and youth welfare service. On the basis of the Christian image of man we want to support children, strengthen families and bring them into contact with the church.

We work in a prefabricated housing area and social hotspot, the Roter Berg. Here the unemployment rate, school drop-out rate and juvenile delinquency have increased.

Through our offers we want to give children a perspective on life and work.

bärenstark Erfurt

… means undivided attention in mentoring

… is out on playgrounds

… serves delicious food at the children’s party

… does not mean boredom during the holidays

… promotes joint learning in small groups

… brings families into contact with the church

… advises parents on family and upbringing issue


Our offers of bärenstark Erfurt

girls club

In our small group work more intensive activities and conversations about faith and values are possible. The children get to know reliable relationships and commitment and thus expand their social skills.

outdoor kids offer

Bonfires, grilling, knotting techniques and many other nature experiences: Here the kids can try themselves out and at the same time train responsibility and reliability. Conversations about God and the world broaden the horizon.

parents ministry

The family is the most formative instance for children. We want to enable families to experience joint activities, strengthen parents in their parenting skills and be contact persons for them.

childrens church

Kirche und Gottesdienst kennen lernen: Sonntags geht es zusammen mit Kindern und Eltern in die Netzwerk Gemeinde Erfurt. Danach steht ein leckeres gemeinsames Mittagessen auf dem Plan.

music lessons

The focus here is on promoting talented musical children: whether guitar or piano lessons, children should be able to develop their gifts.

mobile kids ministry

Zweimal wöchentlich geht es mit dem Spielmobil auf die Piste. Hier ist Zeit für Sport und Spiel, Gespräche und um neue Kontakte zu knüpfen.

mentoring programme

Every week we consciously take time for the individual child. This one-to-one relationship strengthens the personality and promotes the child’s ability to relate.

kids party

Once a month we invite all children aged 6-12 from the district to our children’s party.

Events of Bärenstark

Working for bärenstark

We are looking for motivated and capable employees, interns and volunteers, who together with us can shape the future of our ministry. If you are interested in becoming part of our great “bear-strong” team, you will find more detailed information here If you have any questions, please contact info@baerenstark-erfurt.de directly.

Donation for Bärenstark

Do you care about children in social hotspots? Do you want to strengthen families and thus help shape a sustainable change in the north of Erfurt? We are happy about your financial support.

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