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Julia Zajonc

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bärenstarke holiday programmes

No boredom during the holidays! We offer children and parents varied and exciting days filled with good content directly on site in our district Roter Berg.

outdoor kids offer

Bonfires, grilling, knotting techniques and many other nature experiences: Here the kids can try themselves out and at the same time train responsibility and reliability. Conversations about God and the world broaden the horizon.

parents ministry

The family is the most formative instance for children. We want to enable families to experience joint activities, strengthen parents in their parenting skills and be contact persons for them.

childrens church

Kirche und Gottesdienst kennen lernen: Sonntags geht es zusammen mit Kindern und Eltern in die Netzwerk Gemeinde Erfurt. Danach steht ein leckeres gemeinsames Mittagessen auf dem Plan.

music lessons

The focus here is on promoting talented musical children: whether guitar or piano lessons, children should be able to develop their gifts.