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mentoring programme

In our mentoring programme, mentors accompany a child for at least a year. The meetings should take place regularly once a week. Here, mentors and mentees undertake various activities together, ranging from baking cakes, parlour games, visiting the swimming pool to a walk in the park. The children learn personal, social and everyday skills and broaden their horizons. Many of these activities are undertaken by the children for the first time in their lives. Learning from a role model, a person with more life experience, combined with their own trial and error, offers not only the opportunity to learn for life, but also to mature as a personality.

Training, supervision and case discussions help and motivate the volunteer mentors.

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Du bist Mentor und möchtest deine Unkosten erstattet bekommen, dann findest du das Formular dazu hier.

parents ministry

The family is the most formative instance for children. We want to enable families to experience joint activities, strengthen parents in their parenting skills and be contact persons for them.

childrens church

Kirche und Gottesdienst kennen lernen: Sonntags geht es zusammen mit Kindern und Eltern in die Netzwerk Gemeinde Erfurt. Danach steht ein leckeres gemeinsames Mittagessen auf dem Plan.

music lessons

The focus here is on promoting talented musical children: whether guitar or piano lessons, children should be able to develop their gifts.

mobile kids ministry

Zweimal wöchentlich geht es mit dem Spielmobil auf die Piste. Hier ist Zeit für Sport und Spiel, Gespräche und um neue Kontakte zu knüpfen.