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The family is the most formative authority for children. We want to enable families to experience joint activities, strengthen parents in their parenting skills and encourage them in a strenuous family life to give their children a beautiful childhood and thus opportunities for a successful life. We are happy to be the contact person for the whole family. In difficult life situations, we can arrange counselling services. . We also offer holiday activities for the whole family and support the creation of family holidays.

Outside the holidays, the following regular offers take place:

  • Monday Parents’ meeting 15:30 – 17:30 with childcare in the Kids ground “Fun & Games”
  • In the summer season Thursday 15:30 – 17:30 Parents’ table at the mobile kids program
  • 1x per month Saturday 15:00 – 17:00 Parents’ Café
  • 6x per year Sunday 16:00 – 18:00: Sunday with friends
  • Consultation options by arrangement


Family recreation in “Brotterode”

August 2020

With 7 families holiday in the Thuringian Forest: In the house on the Seimberg we felt welcome. In the morning, after a thematic introduction, there were various possibilities of activity. So the families painted their own family banner, made bow and arrow as well as the associated quiver, explored the forest and built huts there. In the afternoon, excursions such as to the Birds of Prey Observatory and the Trusetal Waterfall were on the program. The families had great pleasure in visiting the fairy tale cave Walldorf. In the evening, after a candle round, there was a film offer on the subject of Robin Hood, a campfire with stick bread and of course a colourful game evening followed by a night hike.

Family recreation to See

Summer 2020

With six mothers and many small and large children, we drove to Lake Alperstedt in one afternoon during the summer holidays. Simon as our chair leader had to drive back and forth more often. But it was a nice way for the families to be carefree in nature, to splash on and in the water, to picnic and to play ball and card games. In any case, the swan at Lake Alperstedt had to take care of its young in front of the sometimes wild children.

girls club

girls club

In our small group work more intensive activities and conversations about faith and values are possible. The children get to know reliable relationships and commitment and thus expand their social skills.

outdoor kids offer

outdoor kids offer

Bonfires, grilling, knotting techniques and many other nature experiences: Here the kids can try themselves out and at the same time train responsibility and reliability. Conversations about God and the world broaden the horizon.

parents ministry

parents ministry

The family is the most formative instance for children. We want to enable families to experience joint activities, strengthen parents in their parenting skills and be contact persons for them.

childrens church

childrens church

Kirche und Gottesdienst kennen lernen: Sonntags geht es zusammen mit Kindern und Eltern in die Netzwerk Gemeinde Erfurt. Danach steht ein leckeres gemeinsames Mittagessen auf dem Plan.

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