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Reinhard Trautvetter

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our mobile kids ministry

The newest offer from bärenstark. After almost two years of planning, the time has come: Since October 2017 we have been driving our brand new converted sales trailer plus Multicar directly to where the children are – to the public places in our district.

At the latest, when the cowbell rings, the kids know that we are there. Because then they have time to play one of the many games that there are in the play mobile: Football, Viking chess, skipping rope jumping or hiding etc.. Or they use the built-in seating area and table to play Dr. Biber, Lotti Karotti, UNO or for painting and handicrafts. Sometimes they just want to talk to one of our employees in peace.

A highlight is our break with integrated puppet theatre. Bird Bertie tells us about his life, about the ups and downs, about his wisdom, the Bible and the tricks he likes to play. After the cookie and drinking break we continue with an open game time.



during winter season


ab März 2018


parents ministry

The family is the most formative instance for children. We want to enable families to experience joint activities, strengthen parents in their parenting skills and be contact persons for them.

childrens church

Kirche und Gottesdienst kennen lernen: Sonntags geht es zusammen mit Kindern und Eltern in die Netzwerk Gemeinde Erfurt. Danach steht ein leckeres gemeinsames Mittagessen auf dem Plan.

music lessons

The focus here is on promoting talented musical children: whether guitar or piano lessons, children should be able to develop their gifts.

mentoring programme

Every week we consciously take time for the individual child. This one-to-one relationship strengthens the personality and promotes the child’s ability to relate.