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“It can’t hurt, I thought to myself – Bernhard, 58 years old, suffering from cancer, two years ago – when after the diagnosis, in my desperation, I gathered all my courage and simply asked God (with whom I really had nothing to do until then): ‘Why me? What did I do to make you punish me? At that moment God let my life pass me by like in a movie, which until then was anything but Christian. I had also done my father wrong. Suddenly I heard myself say: ‘Forgive me Papa! Immediately I fell asleep peacefully. A short time later I got to know the Jesus project, step by step I came closer to Jesus. I met Andreas Grund at lunch at ANDERS. He visited me at home and helped me to make a personal decision for Jesus. Since that day my fears of death have disappeared because I know that when the time is up here, I am in good hands with Him. It is a great joy for me to bring the words of God closer to others. For the future I wish for some miracles: liberation from smoking and healing of my lungs”.
Bernhard Busch

A life without God is possible, but pointless.

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testing room

Stefan Barwe

Stefan Barwe

The Jesus Project as a Testing Room

“What may sound a little dry at first is our chance to rethink church.”

We are proud to be able to bear the title “Exemplary Testing Space” since the end of 2016. For 5 years we belong to 13 different projects, which are accompanied and supported by the Evangelical Church of Central Germany (EKM), in order to develop new approaches for church and community building. The concept of the test rooms is based on the Fresh-X (Fresh Expressions of Church) parish movement, which has been trying since 2004 to redefine what church actually is, starting from England.

Our approach is to bring everyday life of faith closer to the people in their residential area and milieu. Stefan Barwe, Andreas Grund and Jochen Erlmeier form the new testing room team. We did not create a new ministry here, but the testing room encompasses and interacts with all existing ministries.

  • We connect the spiritual offers in the Jesus project in terms of content in order to reach the target group better with values and faith beliefs.
  • We increasingly offer pastoral counselling within the social offers of the day care centre.
  • In particular, we promote outreach work: streetwork, home visits, social accompaniment and counselling.
  • We try out new ideas: on the one hand to invite local residents in a low-threshold manner, and on the other to gather people interested in the faith.

In the next five years we want to …

  • to build bridges to the inhabitants in this region – to a personal life with God.
  • To find forms of spiritual togetherness that accommodate the culture and milieu of our surroundings, so that people can build their own “church” here.


“A testing room is a room in which a “different, new form of church” is tested.

Testing means:

  • Think about how the church can function differently, because we feel in many places of the EKM that what has been tried and tested so far is reaching its limits. Instead of just hanging on to the past, we ask: What is the point now? What will help in the future?
  • Testing models for situations that will increase. For example, church in areas (a) with few or no full-time church workers (country); or (b) with an extremely low church density (social housing projects)
  • Experimenting together. New ideas are not conceived in theory at a desk, but are created on site together with the people concerned.
  • Learning. Where you try things out, some things go wrong. Failures, mistakes and dead ends are helpful learning experiences – for us and for others. And, of course, that which succeeds.”


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Promi-Essen and

Andreas Grund


What is that actually? Does it come from promille?”

Promi-Essen, this is the weekly distribution of a warm lunch to the “celebrities” of the district Roter Berg. You know them, because they belong to the backdrop of our city quarter like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. They are known (prominently) by the inhabitants, but they are above all known (prominently) and especially popular with God. Treasures in His eyes. – We want to make that clear to them. The Promi-Essen is the first contact to the Jesus Project for many. “Lets just go there. There is something to eat and good fellowship. They listen to you.” Not infrequently this first time results in a long-term relationship.

Promi-Essen there is currently every Monday at 12:30 pm in our meeting center (Alfred-Delp-Ring 77/78, 99087 Erfurt).


“Not alone, but together”

Every Monday after the Promi-Essen we go on tour. Out of the projects, out into the country. We are on our way to see beautiful things and experience culture, there is something for everyone. Of course there’s also coffee and cake, that’s not to be missed.

To the question, “What do you particularly appreciate about our excursions?”, comes from one mouth: “Togetherness”. And so it continues: “Not lonely, but together”. Once from the Alps to the North Sea and back – the blue Volkswagen van has already left its tire marks on about that many kilometers. However, on the roads in Erfurt and around Erfurt – from Petersberg to Schwellenburg via Mühlhausen, Weimar and the Drei Gleichen and always back to the Alfred Delp Ring. The precious freight: up to nine people and up to two more cars in the convoy. The saying “Nowhere does one get to know each other better than when travelling together” can be experienced every Monday. There are already good acquaintances on board, others have only found common points of contact through ANDERS-Tours.

Where everyone brings their own challenges and joys of the week, different worlds meet. The shared excursion experience creates a common ground on which to build – an “us” is created. So we do not only want to leave our imprints on the asphalt, but also let our hearts be shaped by each other.

Meeting for ANDERS-Tours is every Monday 13:00 o’clock at the meeting center ANDERS (Alfred-Delp-Ring 77/78, 99087 Erfurt).

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Kaffee in Gemeinschaft

Stefan Barwe

Stefan Barwe

Café in Gemeinschaft

“Our first project outside of the district Roter Berg.”

Since May 2015, every Tuesday, mainly residents of the Herrenberg (district of Erfurt’s southeast) have been coming to “Kaffee in Gemeinschaft” (Coffee in Community). Everyone who is lonely or alone, sick or healthy, sad or happy comes to us for coffee and a snack, but above all to experience the fellowship: welfare recipients, the unemployed, citizens of the former Soviet Union, single parents or lonely people are looked after by a team from the “International Mission Church”, the “Netzwerk Gemeinde Erfurt” and the “Jesus Project”.

Guests and team have grown together since the café was founded. Many individual conversations about past and future, mutual help with removals and renovations, exchange of old household items, help with transports, mediation of vital information, mediation of jobs and living space are results of a good cooperation.

Every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the “Kaffee in Gemeinschaft” takes place at the STZ in Herrenberg (Stielerstraße 3, 99099 Erfurt ). 

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outreach work

Andreas Grund

outreach work

“What does a starfish have in common with streetwork in Roter Berg?”

After a storm, thousands of starfish lie on the beach. One man picks up one after the other and throws it back into the sea. “You’ll never manage to throw all the starfish back into the sea,” says a passing walker, shaking his head. “Right,” says the man, bends down, picks one up, and when he throws it out into the sea again, he says in a firm voice: “But it was worth it for this one!

The mission of our outreach work is to keep an eye on the individual. We visit needy people at home, in hospitals, on detoxification wards for alcohol and drug addicts and often in prisons. No matter where it is and how ruined a life seems – we want to encourage and bring hope. We also help with practical things such as cleaning, shopping and looking after the dog.